Bolivia Gets a Salty Hotel

By Courtney Lochner

There are hotels made purely from ice, there are fashion designer hotels, eco-friendly hotels and now… a salt hotel. In Bolivia’s vast salt lands of Salar De Uyuni, designers got smart and realized how to work with the difficult land by using it. Now the abundance of salt has proven that architecture can be created out of a condiment. With this amazing discovery was born the Palacio de Sal, the world’s first, and for the meantime, only hotel made purely of salt.

If you’re imagining an igloo made of salt, you’re not far off. Though this is not igloo sized, the hotel is 48,000 square feet of saltiness and has 16 guest rooms. But it doesn’t stop there, the Palacio de Sal even has a swimming pool (we’re assuming it’s salt water), a spa, a lounge, a restaurant/bar and a golf course (we’re assuming salt traps instead of sand). Even with all of these amenities, this hotel is salty simplicity so come here with the aim of relaxing, reading and kicking back. There are no televisions and no dreamy ocean view rooms but what you do get out of the experience is the pleasure that comes with salt, it makes everything taste a little better.