CloudSourcing: Brodinski

By Darren Ressler

What a year it’s been for Brodinski. In 2012 this Parisian phenom stepped up his game and profile, spinning all over the world and furthering his reach by playing festivals and clubs like Sonar in Barcelona, Melt in Berlin, Koko in London, Stereosonic in Australia and Amnesia in Ibiza. Brodinski releases his first solo EP on Monday for Bromance Records, the acclaimed label he started only one year ago. We caught up with Brodinski to find out what’s ticking his ears on SoundCloud. Memphis ’90s rap? Who knew?!

Brodinski’s “Dance Like Machines/Hypnotize” (Bromance EP7) is released on December 10.

1. Tommy Kruise
Great producer from Montreal inspired by the ’90s Memphis rap scene.

2. Trill Scott Heron
Houston represent! Love this kid — amazing vibe on his SoundCloud! Follow him!

3. Yve$
I don’t Know where this guy comes from; I just love this track. I discovered it after my little search on SoundCloud, and I’m now obsessed with it!

4. Myrryrs
Part of the Body High family, he also released an EP on B. YRSLF Division (Jess & Crabbe’s label). Great producer, amazing guy.

5. Kaytranada
Producer from Montreal. I’m definitely obsessed with his remix of Janet Jackson. Love his music, great Groove from the future.