Comme Des Garçons Launches New iPad App Moving Six

By Stephanie Taylor

Infamous Japanese fashion label Comme Des Garçons, has recently announced the launch of Moving Six; an interactive iPad application showcasing selected works from the brand’s iconic magazine, Six.

Between 1988 and 1991, Comme Des Garçons founder and creative director Rei Kawakubo created the bi-annual magazine, publishing only eight unstapled A3 sized editions, which explored visual representations of the sixth sense as its subject matter.

The magazine’s images were created by a handpicked selection of celebrated photographers and artists including Steven Meisel, Minsei Tominaga, Karl Blossfeldt, along with the creative works of Rei Kawakubo herself.

Today, Moving Six brings the magazine back to life, with a fusion of modern technology and traditional technique.

While Six was recognized for combining photography and illustration in artistic, imaginary ways, the works seem as fresh on the screen of an iPad, as they did in the pages of the magazine, some 20 years ago.

The seamless and poetic iPad app allows users a uniquely interactive experience, as they swipe, tilt and scroll through six audiovisual chapters.

Moving Six was designed by Rei Kawakubo in collaboration with digital agency Meri Media who has previously created apps for fashion heavyweights Gucci, Stella McCartney and Vogue Homme.

[Via Vogue Paris]