Drink Like a King (or a Viking): The Drinking Horn

By Jim Allen

Let your imagination take you back to the Middle Ages for a moment — when royalty put on a party (or when the viking marauders who ransacked the realm did the same), they wanted to savor the experience with as much grandeur as possible. Did they carouse and toast each other with genteel little wine glasses? No, they clanked huge drinking horns that could hold as much ale, wine, etc. as possible in a kingly fashion. Compare your contemporary cocktail glassware with that image and you’re bound to come up feeling just a wee bit empty, but not to worry — Das Horn has arrived!

Modeled after the drinking horns of ancient times, Das Horn was created by David Segall and Alex Chatham as a modern-day reboot of the old-school chalice — it’s the kind of thing you could heartily hoist towards the rafters and still feel stylish. Segall and Chatham’s contemporary take on the classic concept introduces a bit of today’s world into the equation, boasting a stainless-steel rim with laser etching, but it still holds a hell of lot more of your beverage of choice and allows you to indulge in some old-school hedonism without ripping the horn off an antelope or anything. The mass production of Das Horn is still in the Kickstarter stage, so feel free to get in on the funding.