Drinking & Gaming in Style With Arkeg

By Jim Allen

Everybody loves a drinking game, but that concept is about to change radically with the arrival of the Arkeg Drink n’ Game. It’s an arcade-style video game console that comes complete with its own keg, CO2 cartridge, and tap, so you can combine entertainment and intoxication in an unprecedented way, maximizing your leisure time.

So, what can you load into this baby? Well, on the gaming side, the Arkeg can hold and play up to 15,000 different games. You can upload discs of any game you like, but it also comes pre-loaded with a batch of the most popular classic games. And as for imbibing, well, the five-gallon keg and built-in refrigeration system are great for serving up a beer, but if you pop in a convenient Cornelius keg you can avail yourself of everything from cocktails to a bit of the bubbly. Accessories like a barstool and a keg coupler for tapping European kegs can also be had, but the basic cost for the Arkeg Drink n’ Game is $4000. A small price for drinking and gaming responsibly…