Edgewalk: The World’s Highest External Walk

By Bryen Dunn

When you’re dangling 1,200 feet above the ground you feel very much a part of the atmosphere, as a crisp breeze whirls around you with the distant sun about to set over the horizon. We “walked” around the outside of the CN Tower to complete our Edgewalk, noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Highest External Walk on a Building.

Last year this iconic attraction in Toronto began offering thrill seekers the opportunity of a lifetime to “walk” around the outside of the base of the 360 Restaurant guided only by a set of cables and a trustworthy instructor. After 30 minutes of getting our gear on and going over instructions, the group was suited up and soon zooming up our own privately escorted glass-floor elevator. Less than a minute later, we exited to where we would be safely fastened before stepping out into the open air above the city below. Somehow I ended up in the first position to move forward onto the outdoor walkway. Our guide told us we would begin slowly by doing “Toes Over Toronto”, which meant walking to the very edge of the platform, placing one third of my foot beyond the ledge, and leaning forward to have a look down below. Gulp!

Making our way around the entire circumference, the gusts of wind would change at any given time during the completion of our full rotation. We would also be coached into leaning fully extended facing backward then forward, suspended only by the double enforced cable that apparently could hold the weight of two full-size elephants. The panoramic views were astounding, and watching aircraft gliding in for a landing at the nearby regional airport far below was quite surreal.

Entering back into the confines of the interior, there were high fives all around, by the foursome of local employees doing a team bonding exercise, a gal visiting from Wales whose mother didn’t want to join her, and myself. Once again, I feel I conquered my fear by accomplishing something I could have easily avoided.

Tickets are $175 and include video, printed photos, certificate of achievement, and re-entry to the CN Tower that includes access to the even higher Sky Pod section, and the Movie and Motion Theater Ride. The season has been extended until January 13, 2013.