Fleetmac Wood Give Fleetwood Mac the Space-Disco Treatment

By Tristan Parker

When is Fleetwood Mac not Fleetwood Mac? When it’s Fleetmac Wood, of course. Confused? Okay, Fleetmac Wood is a revolving collective of DJs and producers making re-edits of songs by The ‘Mac and throwing obscenely fun parties around London to play these re-edits and generally lose themselves and the audience in the music of one of pop and rock’s most celebrated acts.

But for those of you lurching in horror at the thought of hearing a future-garage rework of “Songbird,” fear not. This isn’t a case of callous DJs butchering Fleetwood Mac tunes, but rather genuine fans crafting considered edits, as Lisa Jelliffe (a.k.a. DJ Roxanne Roll and creator of Fleetmac Wood), explains: “It’s pretty impossible to better a Fleetwood Mac original, but it’s great to hear a different version that exposes something new or creates more drama for the dance floor. For each party we’ve put a call out to producers to make exclusive re-edits for the night.”

The edits are often characterized by stripping back layers of songs, and adding subtle synth touches, delicate rhythm tracks, or in the case of cosmic-funk duo Psychemagik (who played the first Fleetmac Wood event at an east London party pub) – heady space-disco overtones, as explored in their superb rework of “Dreams.”

“Fleetwood Mac has such an incredible back catalogue that spans blues, rock and ’80s pop. It’s a rich seam to mine for re-editing and remixing,” says Jelliffe, citing some of favorite re-edit efforts as Bobby Lost and Fear of Theydon rework of “Sara” and Antenna Happy’s acid-tinged edit of “The Chain” (included on a fantastic FW mix here). “With SoundCloud there’s a real sense of community, with like-minded producers from all over the world sharing and communicating,” says Jelliffe.

As she notes, the scene for vintage re-edits has recently exploded in popularity, meaning that her timing for starting the FW parties last year was spot-on. And speaking of good timing, the recent reforming of Fleetwood Mac and news of their upcoming tour wasn’t exactly a hindrance for Jelliffe and crew. “It really feels like it’s their time (again) right now,” she says. “People really connect with the music. It’s timeless and you can dance to it.”

Speaking of dancing, there’s plenty of it at the Fleetmac Wood parties, along with “happy smiling faces, tambourines, Stevie lookalikes, people singing their lungs out and a really friendly, drunken atmosphere,” says Jelliffe. “After six hours and solo projects (no covers) we are all intoxicated on The Mac.”

The next Fleetmac Wood event will be The White Winged Party on March 23, at New Empowering Church, London.