Iris van Herpen Brings the Future to Ready to Wear

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Dutch Haute Couture designer Iris van Herpen is making the leap to Ready To Wear this coming Paris Fashion Week. Just a week ago, she unveiled her latest couture collection featuring all the design elements she’s known for such as her innovative construction, sculpture-like creations and avant garde aesthetic. The models strutting down the runway in geometric dresses wore mirror-like shards and hemlines of feathers.Known for her ability to incorporate just about any material into dress form, van Herpen is also the first designer to utilize 3D-printing in the construction of a garment.

Now for her latest endeavor, she’s turning to an area she herself had yet to explore; knitwear. In interviews leading up to the debut, van Herpen notes to expect something not too drastically different than her couture pieces, just a little less complicated. Artists like Björk and Lady Gaga have embraced van Herpen’s futuristic fashions and now it looks like a touch more of the population will now be able to sport the former Alexander McQueen intern’s new womenswear. But first and foremost, now it’s Grimes‘ turn. The Canadian electronic songstress Claire Boucher is fronting the campaign in photos shots around New York City. While just four looks of the 24-piece collection have been revealed, already one can see just how fantastical her touch to more mainstream fabric will be.

[via WWD]