Karim Rashid’s AnestasiA Vodka Bottle Transforms Alcohol into Art

By Emily Hutchinson

A big night is always marked by the classic sound of glass bottles hitting the trash. However, what if you were to not only keep, but treasure empty bottles as works of art? New vodka company AnestasiA Vodka aims to do this by designing a bottle worth hanging onto.

Award-winning designer, Karim Rashid is responsible for the New York skyline inspired bottle appropriately named “Architectonic.” Having previously designed and created for the likes of Christophle, Veuve Cliquot, Alessi and Prada, Rashid uses his creative talents to transform alcohol into art. The quality of the vodka also matches the stunning exterior with a unique purity and natural sweetness. This new small batch vodka company shows that investing in art can be as simple as a night out.

  • Eric Calian

    Hello Emily and thank you for the article! Just noticed the spelling of Anestasia is different in the article than the brand name. It would be great if it can be updated so it correctly ranks with the product search terms :)

    • societeperrier

      Hi Eric, thanks for the note. We’ve fixed the misspellings. Sorry for the mishap!

  • Eric Calian

    Emily, Please check the spelling on product name, Anestasia with “e” Thank you for the fine article!

  • Brendan Magone

    I’ve recently discovered this beautiful bottle and premium vodka. I love it! Thank you for your article and pictures. I also showcased them on my site,
    Cheers! Brendan

  • Brendan Magone

    Thank you for featuring AnestasiA! I love the bottle and taste. Premium and luxury–right here in America. Cheers!