Mixologists, Impress Guests With Apple Stars On A Granny Smith Triangle

By Rana Good

This trio of apple stars creates a great effect. And it’s very easy to make using a biscuit cutter — anyone can do it! It’s the ideal decoration for a star cocktail.

- 1 red Starking apple
- 1 green Granny Smith apple
- 1 star-shaped biscuit cutter
- 1 sharp knife


1. Use the knife to cut three slices from the outside of the red apple.
2. Place the slices skin-side down on your chopping board and use the cutter to cut out three red stars. Detach them carefully using the knife.
3. Cut a large slice of the green Granny Smith apple, taking care to avoid the pips, and cut into a triangle.
Use the cutter to cut out three stars from the edges of the triangle.
4. Position the red stars in the green apple’s star-shaped cut-outs. To finish, place the decoration on the edge of the glass and steady it using two hands.

Images by Loran Dhérines