myPhone: Ayah Marar

By Darren Ressler

After early breakout collaborations with Calvin Harris, Toddla T and Drumsound & Bassline Smith beginning around 2004, London bass queen Ayah Marar has continued to spread her creative wings as a singer-songwriter in the UK drum ‘n’ bass scene. Blessed with a smooth voice and knack for crafting melodies that effortlessly glide over smooth, liquid tracks, Marar, who emigrated from Jordan at 18 to attend university, has been on fire as of late, releasing her debut album, The Real, in October that’s loaded with dance floor stormers like “Mind Controller.”

Having just released the video for the Artificial Intelligence produced “The Raver” earlier in the month, it’s only fitting that Marar gives us a tour of her mobile phone that’s no doubt blowing up these days.

“The Raver” is released December 9 on Pilot Records with remixes from Xilent, South Central, Ray Foxx, Mutated Forms and Kenny Soufflé.

Brand: BlackBerry
Who’s on speed dial? Mum
Most bragworthy name on your contact list? Katharine Hamnett
Most used app: BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp

Show us your favorite photo: (see above)
Best text/call ever received? From my dad: “You know I love a rollover, grab us three Lucky Dips when you go online.”
Most played track on your phone: I don’t really use it for tunes to be honest, but my X-Files ringtone is pretty special.
Worst phone faux pas? Looking at it first thing in the morning before I’ve had my first cuppa. Bad habit.