Nadia Ali: Queen of Clubs

By Courtney Lochner

She’s drop dead gorgeous, her voice is instantly recognizable yet intrinsically unique in each of her songs — songs which have become anthems to the entire dance music world, we’re talking about non-other than the amazing international star, Nadia Ali. For electronica fans around the globe Nadia’s hits, songs like “Rapture” have become anthems that define modern day dance music. Rapture was produced under the name “iiO,” the duo of Ali and producer Markus Moser. It’s hard to believe that “Rapture” came out in 2001 seeing as it remains a global favorite still today. But in the ten plus years since then, Ali has been busy pumping more hits as a solo act into the dance world and Billboard charts. We caught up with the Queen of Clubs to chat about the past, the present and the future and everything in between from her dream collaborators to her favorite spots on the planet. Read on to learn more about the unbelievable year she’s had as a Grammy nominee, touring with Armin van Burren and what’s in store for her new album.

You’ve had another amazing year, how has the global climate toward dance music changed or evolved your career?

Nadia Ali: I think that America is so much more open and accepting of the dance format here has been great for an American electronic dance artist like myself. I think people are recognizing that dance music is not meaningless repetitive music as they once thought. There are very innovative producers, songwriters and singers contributing to its success.

Where do you find your best inspirational muses for new lyrics and melodies?
I get my musical inspiration mostly from real life experiences. Sometimes someone’s real life story will inspire me to write lyrics even if they are not my own personal experiences.

What were some of your 2011 highlights?
Going to the Grammys in February was one of the highlights of my career. The fact that my song was nominated was truly an awesome experience.  Also, touring around the world with Armin van Buuren on his Armin Only: Mirage Tour was a wonderful experience that helped me grow leaps and bounds as a live performer.

With all of your global travels, what theme do you find no matter the latitude and longitude?

I think whilst touring the world I realize that everyone, no matter the culture, has a deep appreciation of music. It’s the most popular universal language in my opinion. Sometimes I perform in audiences where they hardly speak a word of English but sing along to lyrics with their whole heart! It’s truly amazing.

What were some of your favorite locations to perform and what have been the most exotic? And…where do you live now and how often do you get to spend in your hometown?
I live in Queens, NYC where I have lived most of my life. One of my favorite places to perform in the world is Egypt. Whether it’s Sharm el Sheikh or Hacienda on the north coast, it’s a magical country.

Who have you yet to collaborate with that you would love to work with?
I would love to collaborate with Röyksopp. I think they are one of the most forward thinking producers out there. And of course, Daft Punk is on another level.

Any cities you haven’t performed in that you hope to visit soon?
I would love to go to Cape Town, Tokyo, and any city in Italy, since I have never been.

What’s in store for 2012?
I am planning on the release of my next artist album. Hoping that it will be everything that I wanted to pour into a proper high energy dance album.

What message do you have for your fans?
I am extremely grateful for the wonderful support that they have given me through out my 11 years of being in this industry.

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