Nananu-i-cake: $10 Mil For A Tropical Paradise

By Jim Allen

Say it with us: Nananu-i-cake. Okay, let’s sound it out: Nananu-e-thake. Good, now if you’re prepared to pony up $10 million, you’re all set to take up residence on your very own piece of tropical paradise. Nananu-i-cake is a 600-acre island off the coast of Fiji, and it’s for sale.

Mind you, this isn’t island living of the climbing-coconut-trees variety. The area has already been established as an ideal spot for luxury living. Not only is there an impressive house designed by Murray Cockburn that features four bedrooms plus two guest suites and a swimming pool, there’s also easy access to the island’s five different beaches. And if you’ve got staff, or horses and sheep, they’re set up for that too, with staff quarters and livestock paddocks. There’s even a jeep and a deep-water jetty for making your way around on land or water. And if you’re out on the South Pacific Ocean and you should see Mel Gibson sailing by, en route from his own private Fiji island of Mago, feel free to act unimpressed.