Polaroids Come Back into the Limelight With The Impossible Project

By Leah Faye Cooper

Though technologically advanced and convenient to capture and share, digital photography lacks the nostalgia and authenticity some photo fans still desire. Lucky for them, The Impossible Project is heralding efforts to revive the faded days of Polaroid photography, most recently with a small printer that turns iPhone pics into white-trimmed photos of yesteryear.

Founded in the Netherlands by André Bosman and Dr. Florian Kaps in 2008, the project has already piqued the interest of like minded photo enthusiasts through the production of new wave instant film. With the release of their new printer, called the Impossible Instant Lab, they’ve made creating vintage photos even easier. That a Polaroid can spawn from an iPhone definitely sounds unlikely, but clearly, it’s not impossible. [via Fast Company]

Image via The Impossible Project