Société Perrier’s 14 Favorite ‘My 5 Favorite Things’

By Stephanie Taylor

Since the website’s inception 14 months ago, Société Perrier has tracked down DJs, designers, artists, models and general cool cats in order to bring you our regular feature “My 5 Favorite Things.” So in honor of our 14-month celebration, we look back on 14 of our favorite “My Five Favorite Things” in no particular order.

1. Contemporary visual artist Sergio Roggerone‘s top 5 favorite things include a love of traveling where he picks up tastes, sounds and inspiration from across the globe.

2. Sure, Japan’s DJ Kentaro is one of the most skilled turntablists in the world and he’s a great producer. Who knew deep fried pork cutlets at Suzubun in Tokyo would make it into his five faves!

3. UK-based party crew Future Disco are veterans of Ibiza and their list about their love of the White Isle proves it.

4. German model-turned-DJ Miss Nine walked runways before moving to Amsterdam and finding her passion for DJing but fashion, family and food remain a few of her favorite things.

5. London transplant Chelsea Leyland lumped her three favorite hotels into #3 on her list of favorite things. Hey, that’s cheating!

6. Cool cat Jean Du Sartel leads the life of a Parisian playboy; DJing at parties around the City of Lights, photographing his friends and traveling to coveted European destinations. Try not to hate on him too much, lads!

7. Dave 1, half of the Montreal-based electro-funk duo Chromeo, sticks close to his pals when clubbing no matter where he is in the world. “When I’m not on tour, I’ll just go wherever friends of mine are DJing.”

8. Turkish born, France-based Dimitri From Paris‘s list of his favorite things about Paris proves he is indeed one of the city’s coolest musical ambassadors.

9. Australian Designer Yoejin Bae loves all things French…except her German car.

10. Danish pop princess Call Me Kat walks the line between fashion and music, but snowflakes also makes her favorites list.

11. Detroit techno progenitor Kevin Saunderson helped take dance music into the future in the ’80s, and his list of favorite clubs to play in the world comes from over 20 years of experience in the scene.

12. British DJ/producer/remixer/graphic designer/San City High Record label head Kissy Sellout is known the world over thanks to his hugely popular show on BBC Radio 1. Among an eclectic mix of favorite things, we found out that watermelon flavored Bacardi Breezers are his drink of choice!

13.Hong Kong-based DJ Miss Yellow has been tearing up the global club scene since she began her DJ career in 2006, taking her mixing skills to clubs in Taipei, Singapore, London, Paris, Berlin and beyond. Any chance to indulge herself in anything rich with culture; all things European top the list, for Miss Yellow’s favorites.

14. Philipp Humm is a 22 year-old stylist, student and Husk magazine contributor, renowned in the Berlin nightlife scene for his outrageous dance moves and avant-garde outfits that channel the cutting-edge costumes of Lady Gaga. As a self proclaimed night owl and party frequenter, the soundtrack to Humm’s nights is comprised of electro.