Stella McCartney Designs Costumes for Her Dad’s Ballet Production

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Famed fashion designer and Beatles scion Stella McCartney may be putting the finishing touches on her spring 2012 runway show at Paris Fashion Week on October 3, but this week, she debuted a collection with just as much importance — if not more for sentimental reasons. For her father Paul McCartney’s first ballet production Ocean’s Kingdom, which he scored, the designer created the dramatic and detailed costumes.

To evoke the ballet’s waterworld-theme, McCartney (the designer) chose a palette of technicolor brights, billowing silky ombré ocean-hues (which look like they could be worn off the stage), and hard-edged Aztec printed bodysuits (not so much). “There are scenes underwater and some above the water and I really needed to reflect that in the costumes,” Stella tells Diary of a Marie Claire Fashionista. “So there were the fish-prints and then there were the ‘terra-punks’ who were much more about body art and tattoo work — sort of more tribal so it was very much a collaboration. Dad had a very strong visual of how he saw the characters within the music he was writing. I worked within that framework.”

Since the designer has had experience (and plenty of success) in designing athletic wear with Adidas, she was also well-prepared for outfitting the needs of a ballet dancer. “The dancers have to be able to leap, twirl and stick a few people in the air,” she explains to the Daily Mail. While the reviews to the ballet, which Sir Paul scored, seem to be mixed thus far, at least the costumes are a hit.

Ocean’s Kingdom finale via ArtInfo