Street Artist Nomerz Has His Eyes on You

By Rana Good

Street art can catch your eye in a myriad of ways — through color, multiple dimensions or unexpected locations. Artist Nomerz‘ work does all three and then some. The fixed gaze of his “faces” painted of buildings and structures are impossible to ignore. In his The Living Wall series, everyday locations like houses, bridges and silos are transformed into characters displaying a broad range of feelings, from cheerful to menacing. No two faces are alike. “I think every building has its own face, character and emotions,” he says.

Creating street art for the past ten years, Nomerz has painted walls all over Russia. His first work “Big Brother” is in his hometown of Nizhny Novgorod but his work can be found all over the country, in cities like Rostov on Don, Kazan, Ekaterinenburg and St. Petersburg. His far-flung travels may be planned ahead but the structures that get the Nomerz treatment are not. “I find these objects by accident — I just try to look around.”

Rather than invading sleepy cities with his art, Nomerz views himself as a creator, attempting to fill up urban emptiness by bringing abandoned or mundane spaces to life and engaging the people who live there. So far, his work has gotten mostly positive reactions and (thankfully) he hasn’t had any run-ins with police, operating mostly at night — unless his work is commissioned.

To get a better sense of how he chooses a location and what face to depict on it, we asked Nomerz to describe five of his iconic pieces in his own words:

nomerz_The eyes of the City_1

“This work is called the “Eye of the City.” I made it in 2011 when I was drawing on the structure of a cable reel at night. A few days after I painted those eyes, they were gone. Maybe they went to watch the people in the other place.”


“My first object of the The Living Wall series was a tower called “Big Brother.” I made this in 2010 in my hometown, Nizhny Novgorod.”


“This piece was done in 2011 in the Perm region. While the first tower was the “Big Brother” of the family, this work became the grandfather of the family. A wise, old grandfather.”


“This work was created in Nizhny Novgorod in 2012. The result was a dangerous scary house! This house has been abandoned for many years, it’s very dirty and inside the house there is a lot of garbage, so the house has turned evil. I passed on the emotion of the building.”


“This work was created in Nizhny Novgorod in 2011. This work is called ‘The Fire in his Eyes.’”

See how Nomerz’ created ‘The Fire in his Eyes,’ in the video below.