The Most Upscale First-Class Cabin in the Air for $12K

By Jim Allen

Traveling between São Paulo and Europe just got a lot more luxurious. Brazil’s TAM Airlines, in search of the perfect (i.e. most upscale) experience for their passengers, has enlisted the services of the British industrial design firm Priestmangoode to do a reboot of the First Class cabins for their fleet. Having already worked their magic for everyone from Lufthansa to Qatar Airways, the U.K. company knew just how to handle the task of creating an ultra-comfortable cabin for TAM’s First Class fliers, who will be paying somewhere around $12,000.

Priestmangoode gave a rich but modern feel to the cabins’ seats, galleys, architecture, video consoles, you name it. In an effort to put together the most luxurious First Class cabins anywhere in the air, they approached the four-seat setup as if each item of furniture was an individual piece of artwork (not to mention high-end furniture). The cabins come with two central seats, accompanied by stylish sofas that give the boot to frumpy footstools. Video screens are artfully arranged, and even your clothes will have a chance to hang out in style, in the cabins’ ample-sized closets.