Upcoming Event: 12th Biennale de Lyon

By Doug Bleggi

The Biennale de Lyon is an opportunity for art lovers to expand their minds beyond the traditional constraints of what art is thought to be. For the exhibition’s 12th incarnation, curator Gunnar B. Kvaran is going beyond pre-determined structures with a presentation that explores the post-modern age. The works chosen will askew straightforward narrative, and instead will commit to structuring visual accounts and developing specific narrative systems.

Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, Kvaran has curated several thought-provoking exhibitions in the past as well as directing the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo. This exhibit will be a continuation of his quest for enlightening artistic minds with works by several artists from around the world including Matthew Barney, Tavares Strachan, Paulo Nazareth, Anne Lislegaard, Yang Zhenzhon and David Douard among many others.

Image: Ange Leccia Arrangement “400 globes,” 1990 Lyon Biennial 1991, Jean-Baptiste Rodde