Video: Hot Chip – “Don’t Deny Your Heart”

By Doug Bleggi

Are you ready for some football? Well you’ve never seen a game like this one. In Hot Chip‘s latest video for the In Our Heads track “Don’t Deny Your Heart,” the boys play a game of video soccer on their tour bus that starts to go off in unpredictable directions over the course of the game. Shortly after the players enter into a “dimension of dance,” the game then culminates into a full-on love-in where even the match’s announcers can be seen sharing a kiss — if only the old “up-down-left-right-A-start” code could unlock such a surreal experience.

The “Don’t Deny Your Heart” single is out now and it features a remix by Justus Konche as well one for “Flutes” by JD Twitch of Optimo. Check out the Peter Serafinowicz-directed video below.