Warhol-Inspired Surfboards Are Hitting Shores This Year

By Doug Bleggi

Andy Warhol might not be the first figure one might think of when hanging out at the beach but there are subtle points of his career that nod to the sandy shores. For one he did direct one surfer flick in 1968, San Diego Surf. The movie was shelved for decades but did recently get a full edit and release last October at New York’s Museum of Modern Art which seems to be the catalyst for surboard-maker Tim Bessell’s partnership with The Warhol Foundation on a selection of boards that feature Warhol’s art for their design.

Tim Bessell actually has a long relationship with Warhol’s work which stems from the original San Diego Surf shoot. The film was shot in Bessell’s hometown of La Jolla, California, and he had heard that Warhol had purchased a few boards from a friend’s shop for the shoot at the time. Now 42 years later he’s come full circle with a line that will be the first in a series of artist-inspired boards. Some of the designs include images from Warhol’s dance steps and Last Supper series which look pretty marvelous across a classic longboard and kissing fish.

Get a closer look at the boards over at Bessell’s website.

Via Phaidon