Video: Levon Vincent Mixes Latest Fabric Album

By Chris Wilson

The latest album in Fabric’s wonderful compilation series has just hit the shelves, mixed by American DJ and producer Levon Vincent.

Fabric63 is straight out of the top drawer and sees the Texan DJ (who cut his teeth in New York and currently resides in Berlin) pulling together tracks from Joey Anderson, Black Jazz Consortium and DJ QU to sit along a number of his own productions.

Speaking about putting together the album Vincent said: “In the 80s, I had some VCRs, a record player and a dual cassette deck. I had a group of friends at that time and we were really interested in DJing and making beats, we would combine various songs and recordings to make new songs and then combine those to make new mixes; stuff like, recording a spoken word track playing over Mr. Fingers or add movie dialogue to another record.

“We loved the dirty version of ‘I’ll House You, I’ll Hump You’. I remember us all agreeing on that record. Soul II Soul had a big impact, too. I regularly slip-up and refer to podcasts as “mix tapes”, maybe because it’s nostalgic or something. It still sounds right to me. Mix tapes are one of the very coolest things to come from Generation-X.”

You can check out a brief teaser of Fabric63 below, but we urge you to see Vincent in the flesh when appears at Fabric this Saturday alongside Craig Richards and Will Saul.