Tony Conigliaro

By Société Perrier

Tony Conigliaro is a bartender and bar-owner with nearly sixteen years of experience in the drinks profession. Widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost pioneering drinks creators, he has opened and run some of the best bars in London. Conigliaro’s career has seen him continually work to break the boundaries surrounding the drinking experience and expand upon the idea of what a cocktail can be. Many of his creations have their foundations in sensory manipulation – in sounds, texture, and smell, but with a concrete view to create very drinkable drinks made with bespoke ingredients.

In 2005, Conigliaro co-founded The Drink Factory, a consultancy, research and development company. Now housed in Pink Floyd’s old recording studios, the Drinks Factory laboratory is amongst the first of its kind in the UK, focusing as it does entirely on alcohol-development and research into liquid flavour. Home to sophisticated lab machinery the lab functions to produce entirely bespoke ingredients and develop new recipes. With clients as diverse as chefs, perfume houses, chocolatiers and soft drink companies an ordinary day in the lab can involve thermo mixing, sous-viding, dehydrating – even stripping bark from trees! The space is also used to run a training space.

He is about to release his first cocktail book ‘Drinks’, which houses a collection of original recipes and scientific processes and gives a rare insight into the mind of one of the drink industry’s most exciting professionals.



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