Better Know A Blogger: Lauren Perlstein of South Florida Music Obsessed

By Arielle Castillo

“After I got online presence on Facebook and Twitter, I realized that other people were looking for the same type of community.”

While Miami’s blogging scene finally seems to be on the upswing, until recently, most blogs purporting to report on the scene as a whole have come and gone. Those that continue to actively update usually succeed by focusing on a small handful of related genres. Neither is the case with Lauren Perlstein’s South Florida Music Obsessed, which aims to cover the area as thoroughly as other major media outlets. Perlstein and her small band of bloggers are somehow everywhere at once, from local dive bars to music festivals, all documenting it with unstoppable enthusiasm. Perlstein, like other area blogger, has also now branched out into events, curating regular shows by some of her favorite local acts.

How did you get started blogging? When did you decide to start your own blog?
Lauren Perlstein: My father had been pushing the blog idea for a few years before I actually decided it was time in mid-2010. I was going to a zillion festivals and shows yearly, and it seemed like the next logical step. I also felt there was a lack of support for the local music scene in South Florida, and I wanted to change that.

What gap in the local music blogging scene did you hope to fill with SFMO?
Being that I’m music-obsessed, I felt South Florida was lacking a music community. Instead of bitching, I decided to do something about it. I wanted to create a space where music fans, bands, and artists could come together and start a conversation. There are other web sites in town that feature music sections and such, but they seemed over-saturated and I wanted something specifically dedicated to music and our community. The response has been wonderful, and in June we will be celebrating our two-year anniversary.

Your blog is updated pretty frequently! Who are the other contributors to the site and how did you hook up with them?
Currently, there are five other writers, and luckily they all found me. The writers include Ashley Temkin, Lori Trigonis, Paloma Izquierdo, Rebecca Bulnes and Shayana Marcos. Last summer I decided it was time to get some help, because it was becoming impossible for me to mange SFMO on my own. Unbeknownst to Lori, she emailed me wanting to get involved, and her timing was perfect. After she came on board, everything fell into place with the other writers.

Do you have a day job besides the blog? If so, how do you find the time to fit in writing all the posts and attending so many events?
I also manage the band Space Between Words and do real estate investment. The blog is definitely time-consuming, but within the last six months our unique visits have quadrupled, and that motivates me. Attending events is one of my favorite things to do. I hate going to a random bars just because it’s Friday night. I’d rather go find some live music.

So far, what’s been the biggest challenge about getting the site off the ground or just keeping it going?
The biggest challenge in the beginning was getting the word out. At the time, I still toying with other ideas and didn’t know if this was going to stick. After I got online presence on Facebook and Twitter, I realized that other people were looking for the same type of community.

How did you decide to also put on live events under the SFMO name? Which of these have been your favorites so far and why?
Putting on live events was always the plan; it was just a matter of time. The Local Shindigs we put on are just a stepping stone. We have some other ideas up our sleeve. I’m not able to pick just one event as my favorite. They are all equally special.

What is your ultimate dream/goal for the site’s growth?
I want SFMO to be a household name for those in the South Florida music community, not just bands and artists, but music fans as well. Eventually, I want to be hosting larger events, along with a festival.

  • Sine Qua Non

    i love this site!! it has a different take on music and performances,
    while making locally relevant to south Floridians. having a easily
    accessible connection to music is always great, but expanding that
    artist’s fans with the music scene in their community is a superb bonus
    to all locals. keep up the great work @SFMOblog