Locally Grown: Krisp

By Christine Borges

I think what people interpret as our ‘style’ just happens organically.
We first discovered Krisp when they opened for Nancy Whang at The Electric Pickle. They donned fake mustaches, made constant witty remarks to the crowd, and won us over with their disco-infused pop rock meets dance-like chillwave. Yes, they have that much going on in their sound, but it totally works for them.

Krisp livened up the damp scene at Sweatstock this past week, bringing their fun-loving sound to the soggy masses. We couldn’t stop dancing, and that’s exactly how they want it. But more so than the band’s genre-bending sound, it’s their style that’s really making headlines lately. We caught up with Juan Andres Ledesma to talk strange stage ensembles and being possessed by what they wear.

What inspires your band’s sense of style?
Juan Andres Ledesma: I think what people interpret as our “style” just happens organically. A lot of times it’s satirical, an attempt to keep the audience guessing.

How do you decide who wears what?
It’s usually the ensemble that picks us not the other way around.

What’s the craziest/edgiest thing you’ll wear/have worn on stage?
Probably our girlfriends’ clothes.

Any plans for an album?
Well there hasn’t been an album yet, so it would be our debut. We have been working on new material so its in the making for sure.

Where do you like to drink in Miami? What do you like to drink?
Most of the drinking actually happens at our homes, or the occasional cold one right before practice which happens to be most cleansing. As a band I think we all like anchor steam, but the tastiest drink is the free one.

Any funny going out stories?
Any night with Chido (Alex Lopez) will be fun-filled.