El-P Drops Trailer For Futuristic New Album

By Doug Bleggi

The hook from “The Full Retard,” El-P‘s excellent single from his forthcoming album Cancer4Cure, is a loop of rapper Camu Tao commanding you to “pump this shit, like they do in the future.” That refrain is more or less the mantra for that record which just dropped a new trailer today entitled “Drone” which sets the tone for its dark dystopian mood — think hip-hop Blade Runner.

In a recent interview, the Brooklyn rapper spoke also of how the record will be an examination of self and the anger directed toward the suppression by the surrounding world. “There’s a segment of the world that looks at the average individual like me and you as the problem — something to be solved, an annoyance or a blight on an otherwise potentially perfect world. All the mechanisms and manifestations of that line of thought are in all the shit that’s going on right now.”

The bird that swipes at the invading mechanical device in this clip, reflects the act of fighting back against that imposed mentality. Check out the trailer below.