Kyle Anderson Is At The Top Of His Fashion Game

By Monsieur Jerome

Kyle Anderson is the accessories director of Marie Claire, one the most recognizable street style icons around the world and a prolific figure on social media. In just one year, his blog,, a mix of Anderson’s look and Marie Claire spreads, has become a worldwide sensation. Every single one of his outfits is a fashion statement whether it’s his choice of accessories or entire outfit. His editorials for Marie Claire magazine have made him one of the coolest editors in the industry. We spoke to Anderson about his blog, obsessions and fashion sense.

Why did you start a blog and posting street style pictures? How do you choose the locations?
Kyle Anderson: I started after some people saw street style pictures of me online. They started tweeting and asking what I was wearing. So I started posting. Now people are asking for more and more. I added some photos to and now after only two months I have 35,000 fans and they keep posting that they want more pics. I only shoot in front of my apartment building in Times Square. 

What was your best fashion moment during these four intense fashion weeks?
Hmm… probably my day off. I had one day off, the first day of Paris Fashion Week. I went shopping and I went to dinner with Bryan Boy. I had coffee and more shopping with my friend Simon. It was fun.

What are your current fashion obsessions?
My obsessions right now are still Givenchy, Repossi jewelry, Rolex, Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti, surfer boys, colored hair, Korean BBQ and Ben & Jerrys!

Can you tell us who your fashion icons are?
There’s nobody really that I want to look like. Oddly enough I think my style is similar to Kanye West. I think gay men love Givenchy these days, right?

Any sartorial tips for this fall?
I love mixing opposites, like messy with clean things, tough with feminine things. For fall? Just try mixing things that aren’t obvious. Try neon jewelry with biker black leather, try surfer jewelry with evening dresses, wear a mens watch with a feminine dress, try doing the opposite.

I’ve see you wearing the most avant-garde pieces. What inspires you?
I inspire myself. My work inspires me. When we are working on a new story for Marie Claire, I’m always inspired by new things.

What do you do when not working?
I’m always working — I’m working every moment when I’m awake. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m working in my mind. When I’m trying not to work, I go to Aire Ancient Baths in SoHo, I watch movies at home, I eat ice cream, I go to Koreantown for dinner, I go to Starbucks, I sleep….